1. Vox's Interlude Remixed

  2. DEATH (Silva Hound Remix)

  3. Radio Play (ft. Edward Bosco and Black Gryph0n)

  4. Royal Flush (ft. Mick Lauer and Jonathan Young)

  5. Vox's Interlude (ft. DAGames)

  6. Equestrian Stories (Deluxe Edition)

  7. Root of All Evil Remixed
    Silva Hound ft. Erica Lindbeck and The Stupendium

  8. Root of All Evil (feat. Erica Lindbeck & The Stupendium)

  9. The Fire
    Silva Hound & Chi-Chi


  11. Addict Remixed
    Silva Hound ft. Michael Kovach and Chi-Chi

  12. Addict (feat. Michael Kovach & Chi​-​Chi)

  13. Equestrian Stories: The Prelude

  14. DazzleVision Deluxe
    Silva Hound & Wubcake

  15. The Magic Flicker
    Silva Hound & Jyc Row

  16. Dash of Lightning

  17. Glimmer Time

  18. Infinity & Beyond
    Silva Hound & Emi Jones

  19. Bass Rocket EP: 5th Anniversary Edition

  20. Taco Tuesday (ft. Brittney Ackerman)

  21. Sound Of The Summer (Molly's Theme) ft. Nowacking & Lyde

  22. EGOMANIA Remixed

  23. EGOMANIA (ft. Blackgryph0n)

  24. Serial Dreamer (ft. MandoPony)

  25. Prince Asriel: Serial Dreamer Remixed

  26. The Spectacle (Silva Hound Remix)
    Daniel Ingram & Lena Hall

  27. Northern Wings (Team Mystic Theme)

  28. We're On Fire (Team Valor Theme)

  29. Shock Value (Team Instinct Theme)

  30. Goosebumps

  31. The Storm ft. Synthis
    Silva Hound & UndreamedPanic

  32. Fall To The Clouds (Silva Hound Remix)
    Vylet Pony ft. LilyCloud

  33. Bass Rocket EP

  34. Come Alive (ft. Odyssey Eurobeat)

  35. Diamonds

  36. Come Alive: Remixed

  37. Diamonds: Remixed

  38. Wild Fire EP
    MandoPony & Silva Hound

  39. The Rough Stuff EP

  40. Hideyoshi EP

  41. Crunch Time EP

  42. Hooves Up High: The Sweet Remix Suite!

  43. Good Girl (Silva Hound Remix)
    Dasha & The Living Tombstone

  44. Luna (Silva Hound Remix)
    Eurobeat Brony

  45. Magic Is Timeless (Silva Hound Remix)

  46. Winter Wrap-Up (Silva Hound Remix)
    My Little Pony

  47. Nyanja

  48. A Rare Gem (Silva Hound Remix)

  49. Beyond Her Garden (Silva Hound Remix)
    Wooden Toaster

  50. Rainbow Factory (Silva Hound Remix)
    Wooden Toaster

  51. The Seventh Wonderbolt

  52. Giggle At The Ghostly (Silva Hound vs. Jackle App Remix)
    Pinkie Pie


Silva Hound Atlanta, Georgia



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