Bass Rocket EP

by Silva Hound



released December 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Silva Hound Atlanta, Georgia

24 year-old designer of the sonic experience.

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Track Name: Pony Swag III (ft. Mic the Microphone and Nowacking)
And now we rollin' up
Silva Hound and Mic here; Yeah we strollin' up
You 'bout to get blitzed; Shotgun the sound!
Keep it down! Lemme see your hands! Throw em up!

Now tidy up and GET LOUD
Make glass shake when you shout to THIS SOUND
Get wild like we startin' a fight
And dontcha think about tomorrow cause the party's tonight!


That's right we're makin' a wave; if you try to behave, keep your head above water
You know this ain't a game so fuck actin' tame or else you gonna get the cold shoulder
Grab your drink and just go insane
Pick up your pride and then stow your shame
Cause we're bringing you down to your knees; So saddle up kids! You've been warned; Yeah, we told ya!
Track Name: Hooves Up High (ft. Rina-chan)
Sit back and smile,
Not worth the fight.
So just remember that it's all alright.
Though it seems dark
On this cold, black night,
The sun has set, let's bring it back to life.

I'm gonna put my hooves up high,
Don't worry about tomorrow, 'cause I'm here tonight.
I'll grab the world before it passes by,
Don't worry about tomorrow, 'cause I'm here tonight.